Medinose Hayfever Treatment

Medisana Medinose (Image courtesy Health Innovations Ltd.)By Andrew Liszewski

While most people are happy to see the arrival of Spring after the cold Winter months, I’m a bit less welcoming since it means it’s time for me to stock up on allergy medications. Until now, the only other option was to simply never go outside in the Spring (actually a lot easier than it sounds) but a device called the Medinose could provide an alternative solution. It uses light therapy applied directly to the inside of the nose to ‘practically eliminate’ allergic symptoms like congestion, runny nose, watery eyes and headaches with just a couple of weeks use.

Using photo therapy, Medinose inhibits the release of histamine, relieving or even completely eliminating allergic reactions and complaints in a natural way. The body is not burdened by drugs and Medinose has no side effects. Medinose consists of a small power pack (about the size of cigarette packet) and two probes which are inserted into the nostrils.

Each treatment session with the Medinose takes just approx. 4.5 minutes 2-3 times a day. The Medinose can be used anywhere: at home, on the move or at work. With severe symptoms, treatment can be repeated several times without any side effects. As soon as the symptoms subside, the number of treatments can be reduced. The Medinose is, however, also suitable for prevention.

Photo therapy is a method developed in hospitals for treating allergic reactions. It uses visible red light that acts on the cellular metabolism, slowing down the immune reaction and reducing inflammation of the nasal mucous membranes. The light causes an overall reduction in allergic reactions and symptoms. The manufacturers of Medinose have taken this technology and developed a hand held, consumer friendly device.

While I actually wouldn’t be opposed to trying the device, I’m afraid there’s just no way I would use it anywhere except in the privacy of my own home. (On the move? Seriously?) It’s available from Health Innovations Ltd. for about $156, and if it works as claimed, in the long run it would probably be cheaper than buying medications.

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  1. Sorry, they tried to sell this here in germany some years ago. Sounds great, but i’ve seen/read many tests about it. 🙁
    Unfortunatley its just SOUNDS good. Would have been great, but to stick two red lights in your noise might only help in a christmas-contest.

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