Measure Master Pro – A Calculator For Carpenters

Measure Master Pro (Image courtesy Amazon)By Andrew Liszewski

In grade school I was taught the metric system, which (most of the time) makes doing simple conversions and calculations in your head extremely easy. But what they failed to teach us was that the ‘real world’ still relies on the old imperial measurement system, where conversions seem far less intuitive to me.

But the Measure Master Pro from Calculated Industries makes all that 1/16th math easy since it can “work and convert in all dimensional formats including Feet-Inch-Fractions, Decimal Inches, Fractions, Yards, Meters, Centimeters and Millimeters as well as Areas and Volumes.” It also has all of the standard functions of a regular calculator, and a paperless tape feature allowing you to review the last 20 calculations. While the segmented LCD display looks kind of dated, I’m pretty sure any carpenters or architects working on a construction site will be able to overlook the design flaws if the Measure Master Pro ensures the house they’re working on doesn’t collapse because of a simple conversion error.

You can get it from Amazon for just $28.10.

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