Mean Cards Unfold to Reveal Heartwarming Messages

Mean Cards_001

Sometimes, things aren’t always as they seem. A book with a boring cover might be the most interesting piece of literature ever written. A tough-looking guy might actually be the kindest, most soft-spoken guy you’ll ever meet. Cards with mean messages on the front might unfold to reveal words of wisdom and messages that’ll warm even the coldest of hearts.

The latter is what Etsy Shop FINCHandHare have created. Snarky, even rude, messages are printed on the front. However, once the card is unfolded, the true message is revealed to its recipient.

Mean Cards1_001

Mean Cards2_001

Mean Cards3_001

Mean Cards4_001

Mean Cards5_001

Mean Cards6_001

Mean Cards7_001

Mean Cards8_001

Mean Cards9_001


The cards are available for $5 each.

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