Meade ETX-LS automated Telescope Ships


By Shane McGlaun

I wanted to be an astronaut when I was a kid right until the point where I found out that you really needed to be in the military for a shot. The thought of getting ordered around was more than my 8-year-old brain could take so I settled for a telescope.

My old telescope was just about impossible to use. Meade has a new scope that will turn anyone into an astronomy buff called the ETX-LS. The telescope is fully automated and will set itself using GPS and other technologies and take users on a tour of the night sky.

The automated technology is called LightSwitch, determines the location, time, and date of the telescope, compiles a real-time map of the night sky for your location, and then takes you on a guided tour with audio thanks to Astronomer-inside tech. The telescope sells for $1299 with SC optics or $1499 with ACF optics.

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