Maytag Osiris Drying Cabinet

Maytag Osiris (Images courtesy Maytag)
By Andrew Liszewski

There are a lot of items that get wet that you just can’t stick in the dryer. Whether it be shoes, umbrellas, small animals or even expensive pieces of clothing that you don’t want tumbling around for an hour. So while the Osiris Drying Cabinet from Maytag isn’t exactly compact, it is large enough to accommodate and gently dry a wide variety of large or delicate items.

A row of bars at the top can be used to hang items that are prone to wrinkling, while a series of drying racks on the inside of the door allow you to place gloves, socks and other items so that they dry efficiently. The actual drying itself is accomplished with a constant flow of gently heated air, but with a maximum drying time of up to 4 hours, it won’t get the job done as quickly as a conventional model.

It’s available in a white finish for about $1,051 or stainless steel for about $1,130.

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