Maycom M-Bird MP3 Player – Small Package Still Squeezes In Speakers

Maycom M-Bird MP3 Player (Image courtesy Calibryze)By Andrew Liszewski

Most companies producing MP3 players these days assume you’re going to be using headphones so they leave out any kind of built-in speakers. Not Maycom though, it seems they’re intent on monopolizing the pocket-sized boombox market with their M-Bird MP3 player. It includes a pair of particularly small speakers sitting on either side of the screen and while the website selling the player claims they’re loud enough given their size, they’re also lacking in the bass department. No surprises there.

Of course for those times when you don’t want to annoy the people around you the M-Bird also has a standard headphone jack and a 5-band custom EQ complete with presets. Besides MP3 it will also play WMA and OGG music files as well as AVI, MPEG, WMV and ASF videos which no doubt look fantastic on its 1-inch LCD screen. The 512MB of included memory isn’t terrible but the lack of a memory slot will probably be a deal killer for most people. (Especially those who intend to use this for watching videos.)

The M-Bird is currently available from Calibryze for $189.

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