May The Force Be Sweet, Cold And Melty

George Lucas has a lot of money. And every time a Star Wars trinket gets sold, he gets some more. Such is life. We don’t think the above Lightsaber Ice Pop Makers are any different, but we’re willing to live with the idea because they’re just that cool. They’re cool… get it? No… ok, moving on. The lightsabers have an LED that will light up your frozen juice “blade”, increasing their realism and egging you on to do more than just eat them. Yeah, that’ll make some very messy and very tasty food fights because let’s face it, that’s what you’re going to do once you buy them. The blade is 6 inches long, and the hilt is 5. One purchase comes with 4 hilts, making 4 popsicles, obviously.

It’s $35 and coming this fall at Thinkgeek.

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