Maxtor Teams with Sentry Group for Fire Resistant Hard Drives


By Luke Anderson

Lets say that you’re one of the semi-rare people that actually backs up your computer’s valuable data onto an external drive on a regular basis. That’s great and all, but what happens if your house catches fire? That plastic enclosure won’t stand up to the heat very long. Thankfully Maxtor has teamed up with Sentry Group to bring us a drive that is both fire resistant and waterproof.

These new drives can withstand 1550F degrees for a half hour, and spend up to a full day submerged in water. The peace of mind offered by these drives doesn’t come cheap, but it’s well worth the investment in the long run. An 80GB drive will run you $259.99 and a 160Gb will be $319. A safe is also available that can store your regular external drive (with a USB pass-through) for $520.

[Sentry Group] VIA [EverythingUSB]