Maxtor OneTouch III Mini Edition

Maxtor OneTouch III Mini Edition (Image courtesy Maxtor)By Andrew Liszewski

After losing quite a chunk of valuable footage at a place I used to work for we tended to stop buying ‘grey market’ external hard drive enclosures. One drive that did serve us well though, especially when on the road was a Maxtor with the OneTouch backup. Unfortunately it wasn’t always that easy to stash in a carry-on bag and occasionally spent a worry-filled flight stowed in a checked suitcase.

Maxtor is now launching the first portable versions of their OneTouch backup external drives with the OneTouch III Mini Edition. Using included software important files and valuable content can be automatically backed up on a set schedule or by pressing the sync button on the drive itself. The OneTouch Mini also includes 2 levels of security for the paranoid among us. Software encryption protects the drive contents in the event it’s ever lost or stolen and Maxtor DriveLock uses special firmware which safeguards the drive if it’s ever removed from the enclosure.

The Maxtor OneTouch III Mini Edition is USB 2.0 compatible and is currently available in a 60GB version for $149.95 and a 100GB version for $199.95.

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