Mattress Wallet Provides Financial Comfort

Mattress Wallet Provides Financial Comfort

Mattress Wallet: Financial Comfort (Image courtesy Peter Trueblood)
By Andrew Liszewski

For those who’ve become worried about trusting their savings to a big bank there’s now a better option. Stashing your cash in a mattress has always been a popular alternative, but your money is never on hand when you need it. So Seattle-based designer Peter Trueblood created a miniature mattress that doubles as a wallet. Not only are your savings safe from a financial disaster, but they’ll always be easily accessible from your back pocket! Just $19.95 from the official Mattress Wallet website.

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11 thoughts on “Mattress Wallet Provides Financial Comfort”

  1. I imagine after a little use the things going to look like a soiled mattress at which point the novelty of pulling it out in front of other people will soon be lost.

  2. This is such a crazy idea, I can’t believe they are even producing and marketing it, no one would buy this lol. I also read recently there might be a Tempurpedic Mattress that comes with a zip up pocket to keep money in, at least that would be a feasible product and useful.

  3. This is a funny and cute idea. I don’t understand who would want to carry around a little miniature mattress though. In my opinion that is very silly. They aren’t very stylish but they are an okay price. I’m just curious how well they will sell.

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