Mataerial 3D Printer Goes Against the Laws of Gravity


The Mataerial 3D printer is as unconventional as 3D printers can get. It deviates in design and functionality from most other 3D printers, which are usually box-like in shape and structure. The latter also requires a dedicated print surface in order to print things as you intended and designed them to be.

For this reason, the Mataerial has been dubbed as the ‘anti-gravity 3D printer’ since you can use it on virtually any surface–including those inclined at an angle–or no surface at all! Thanks to its innovative extrusion technology, users will be able to form curves and print hanging structures without the need for any support material.

The stability of the Mataerial’s products are further attributed to the fact that it prints in 3D curves instead of in two-dimensional layers. It allows users to get creative as well with its full color programming feature, which allows the injection of dyes in CMYK mode to control the color of the printed paths.

The Mataerial was developed by Petr Novikov and Saša Joki?.

VIA [ Dvice ]