Mat Walk Bathmat Slippers Are Triptastic!

Mat Walk Bathmat Slippers Are Triptastic!

Mat Walk (Image courtesy Generate)
By Andrew Liszewski

I love a clever bit of design, particularly when it means there’s a chance of seeing someone trip and fall. So I’m definitely getting a couple of these Mat Walk bathmats for my bathroom, and hope that any guests actually try and walk around in them. (And hopefully a guest who’s less hairy than the person they chose for the product shot.)

Created by Paolo Ulian, the Mat Walk is supposed to be used after a bath or shower to keep your feet clean and warm, but unless you’re one of the green plastic toy soldiers from the Toy Story films, I can’t imagine you’re going to get very far before you take a one way trip down to bathroom tile land.

You can find the Mat Walk at Generate for $49, while bandages and ice packs can be found at your local pharmacy.

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