Master The Art Of Using Chopsticks With This Strange Kit

By Luke Anderson

Chopsticks are by far the strangest utensils that I’ve ever used. Personally, I just go with a spork if I can. I’ve used chopsticks many times over the years, but I’m convinced that I still haven’t mastered the art of using them. I do well enough to get the food in my mouth, but for those just learning, here is an interesting way to practice.

This Hiyokomame Chopstick Pracktice Set gives you everything you need to master the art of chopsticking (is that even a word?). You get a bowl, chopsticks, a guide and a pouch full of strange little plastic beans with chicken faces on them. I guess that you just spend hours on end picking up the little beans until you’ve mastered it. Honestly, for the $40 price tag, I’d better be able to catch a fly with those little sticks.

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