Marumi LED Macro Ring For Compact Cameras

Marumi LED-8 LED Macro Ring Light for Compact Digital Camera (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

I haven’t gotten around to finding the perfect macro lens for my Nikon D70 as of yet, so I mostly rely on a Nikon point & shoot digital camera when I’m taking close-up product shots for reviews. When combined with a bit of Photoshopping the shots turn out great, but this LED macro ring for compact cameras would make my life a bit easier. Instead of relying on a flash that’s offset to one side of the camera, the ring of 8 LEDs surrounds the lens, providing even illumination from every side.

It’s powered by 3 AAA batteries which are housed in a battery pack that can be attached to the tripod mount on the camera, or to an actual tripod. The ring itself connects to the battery pack with a 12cm flexible arm, making it compatible with almost any P&S camera configuration. The LEDs have two levels of intensity you can select, depending on how much ambient light there is, and includes a carrying case to keep it safe during transport.

You can find it at for about $126.

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