Marcel Wanders Artistic Technology

By David Ponce

Marcel Wanders makes a somewhat interesting array of products. Speakers, DVD systems and such. They’re spechul because they’re very artsy. Carved wood egg shaped speakers, and, well that’s pretty much it: shiny, polished carved wood everywhere. The website is also very artsy, with a variety of animals being used as unexplained ornaments. You should give it a look right here and let me know if you make any sense of it.

My personal favorite is the Microwave oven with an integrated TFT screen in the door. Oh, and an integrated DVD player to boot!

The website, again, here. Story VIA Reluct.

1 thought on “Marcel Wanders Artistic Technology”

  1. Hm, perhaps they had some extra animals laying around the days the photographs were taken for the website. Honestly though, I don’t exactly “get it”, but I do enjoy it. The designs are nice and all, but I suppose I will stick with plastic and metal since I’m broke and animals don’t make me want to spend money. Yeah, no prices listed as far as I can tell and if you have to ask the price you can’t afford it…

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