Marbelous Table Gives You Something To Do With Your Peas

By Evan Ackerman

The purchase of large items of furniture generally signifies an end to the young and fun phase of your life, and the beginning of the bit where you force yourself to eat things like peas because they’re “good for you.” Fight back with a marbelous table, which transports your peas down to the floor (where they belong) in about as exciting a manner as you could hope for. Channels cut into the table and down the legs route just about anything marble-sized down through a little maze, but don’t worry, you won’t actually lose any of your marbles thanks to a couple catch cups in the feet of the table and at the center.

This is more of an art project than an actual product, unfortunately, but check out another pic or two after the jump.

[ ontwerpduo ] VIA [ DVICE ]