Marbel Electric Skateboard Trades Range For Looks


There’s a number of electric skateboards on the market now, and they tend to share similar looks; bulky batteries and oversized wheels usually make them stand out, and not always in a good way. The Marbel board is lighter and definitely better looking than a lot of those other boards, but what it gains in looks it loses in range. You can expect to make it about 10 miles on electric power alone before your foot is requested for additional propulsion, but you’ll cover those 10 miles at speeds up to 20mph, which is zippy enough for most. And it’ll only take you 90 minutes to recharge. Weighing in at 9.9lbs., the board is very portable and could be attractive to those of you who find themselves running lots of little errands around the house. The deck is made from carbon fiber and kevlar, and is only 30mm thick at its widest point. Finally, the board will connect to your smartphone, allowing you to customize various features like its top speed and acceleration.

It’s a $1,199 pledge to get your own, with a January 2015 expected delivery date.


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