Marantz CR201 Personal CD System

Marantz CR201 Personal CD System (Images courtesy  AudioCubes)
By Andrew Liszewski

Those who still buy their music on CDs, and don’t immediately rip them to MP3s might be interested in this designer personal CD system from Marantz. The front panel has a cool looking mirror finish and slides open to reveal the actual disc inside. While playing, a set of blue LEDs illuminates the CD so you can see it hypnotically spinning right through the mirror panel.

It also uses an “intelligent 3D sound” system that ensures “accurate and high quality sound reproduction” which seems more like marketing speak to me than a real innovation. Of course it’s pointless to release any kind of home audio gear without including some type of MP3 support, so the CR201 also includes a USB connection that will accommodate a flash drive full of music files.

It’s currently available from AudioCubes for $759. But keep in mind you’ll have to deal with a manual and remote that are both printed in Japanese.

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