map2 – The Zoomable Paper Map

map2 - Zoomable Paper Map (Images courtesy Anne Stauche)
By Andrew Liszewski

For now they’re only available for the city of London, or at least its downtown core, but these paper maps are a great update to traditional maps, particularly since we’ve all grown accustomed to being able to zoom-in with Google Maps and GPS navigation devices. The map is broken into 4 quadrants which can be individually zoomed/unfolded to give an enlarged and more detailed view of that part of the city, and thanks to its clever design, when the map is folded to its minimum size you still have the ability to zoom in on any two sections for quick access. It comes printed on tear-resistant paper and includes a clear PVC wallet to keep it protected, and is available from for about $13. (£8.00)

Thanks Meg!

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