Mandylion Password Manager

Mandylion Password Manager (Image courtesy ThinkGeek) By Andrew Liszewski

Passwords are as much of a nuisance as they are a necessity. Though there seems to be far more convenient security solutions on the horizon, for now the password is still our best solution to keeping things safe. Keeping track of passwords is a whole other security problem on it’s own though. Sure there are plenty of apps you can use, but they usually have limited portability. (Even I don’t carry a PDA 24/7) And I don’t think Homeland Security recommendations include the post-it-note on your monitor solution either.

The Mandylion Password Manager is a simple keychain-size secure device that has been tested and perfected in actual warfare by the US Military. It can store up to 50 different logins and the passwords themselves can include up to 14 alpha-numeric or special characters. The data is stored in permanent memory, so even if the battery dies everything will still be safe. It includes numerous tamper-proof features (you need to use a user-defined combination of the 5 buttons just to access it) and it even has a self-destruct feature for ‘high-risk scenarios.’ Cool!

The Mandylion Password Manager is available from ThinkGeek in a ‘5 User Workgroup’ for $269.

[Mandylion Password Manager] From [ThinkGeek]

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