Man Uses A Nokia Mobile As Wireless Optical Mouse

Nokia 6230i Bluetooth Mouse

By David Ponce

A while back, we posted about the Loginoki, a mouse that someone had Frankensteined an LCD into. Well, it seems that the Loginoki inspired someone else to ditch the mouse altogether, and use a Nokia 6230i as the mouse itself. Using the phone’s camera and Bluetooth connection, the man wrote some Java code that enables you to use the mobile as a wireless mouse.

Right now, it’s only working on his mobile, and the code has not been released. The code is not entirely basic either; here are some features:

-Bluetooth connection, no cable
-Standard Java code, simple to port to other phones
-Selectable buttons on phone for mouse buttons
-Normal or Flipped orientation for phone (right way or upside down)
-Uses existing Nokia Sync software to transfer data

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