Man Invents Musical Condoms

musical condoms

By David Ponce

Yeah, I know. I couldn’t quite convince myself it wasn’t a joke, until a fair amount of Googling showed this same piece showing up on a number of news sites. Until now, I have my doubts, but here’s the deal. A man by the name of Hryhory Chausovsky, a scientist in Ukraine, claims to have invented a new type of condom that plays music during intercourse.

A miniature loudspeaker and motion sensor implanted in the condom’s upper cuff provides a range of musical tones during sex. Music volume depends on intensity of love-making and tone varies based on the sexual position.

The sound is said to be very primitive, similar to the way early cellphone ringtones would sound. He claims to have developed this both as a novelty item, and as a way to help love-making be more pleasurable. Testing has shown no danger of electric shock to users of the device, Chausovsky claimed.

We’re not certain love-making would be more pleasurable as a result of sounds emanating from our, parts, as they’re being put to use, but we’re willing to accept that there are people on this planet who’ll get a kick out of the strangest things.

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16 thoughts on “Man Invents Musical Condoms”

  1. 15 years ago you could buy the same thing in Paraguay. Actually it’s the single thing that I can remember about the streets filled with people selling watches, calculators and “Camisinha Musical” (musical condoms)

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  4. Okay sit down so I can tell you this kindly. This is nonsense. Not only is your picture very misleading, such a condom doesn’t look anything like this, but such a condom should never be used as a practical matter. Such condoms are strictly novelty, should not be used for intercourse, and lose their charm as soon as they are slipped on. The mechanism needed to make this work is way too big and bulky to be of any interest whatsoever. As a matter of fact this type of condom comes out every few years from a new scam artist who perks the ears of the press because of the outlandish sound of such an invention. If you’ll look back over the public record you can find these reports for at least a decade or two into the past.

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