Malaria Monitor Watch

malaria monitor wristwatchBy David Ponce

Not a truckload by way of information here, aside from a few snippets. The skinny is that this is a special wristwatch being developed by South African inventor Dr Gervan Lubbe. It’s special because it comes loaded with a tiny needle that automatically pricks you 4 times a day and analyses your blood, looking for malaria parasites. If the parasite level tops 50, you are supposed to take certain pills that will prevent you from either becoming freakishly sick, or freakishly dead.

Additionally, the watch will be able to transmit information to a central computer somewhere and alert health authorities who will then ensure that everyone at risk is also treated.

I imagine this to be for the type of person who enjoys doing some hardcore research deep in the jungles of someplace or other. It is expected to cost 1,700 rand, or about $280.

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