Maker Faire 08: Cooking Hot Dogs With A Tesla Coil

Tesla Hot Dogs

By Evan Ackerman

What kinds of things do you suppose you can do with a couple huge Tesla coils? Hmm… How about cooking a chain of a dozen hot dogs all at once?

Mmm, tastes like lightning. These coils are actually just 1/12 scale (!) prototypes of some absolute monsters that the Nevada Lightning Laboratory wants to construct. The 122 foot tall towers would be tall enough for people to be INSIDE them watching the discharges, kinda like this:

Tesla Coil

More pics of the 10 foot tall baby coils at Maker Faire shooting lighting bolts, after the jump.

Tesla Coils

Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs


[ Nevada Lightning Lab ]

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  1. What a cool idea. I wonder how they came up with it? I wonder if one of the creators has a fast food stand and was looking for a fast way to cook the dogs? I must attend the next Maker Faire, I hate to think of all the cool things I am missing. 🙁

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