Make Your Own Penny Shooter Business Cards

By Chris Scott Barr

While at CES I collected a vast number business cards from the different people I met with. Most are your average white cards with boring text and a logo, which don’t really stand out. There are two that I’ll remember, because the company decided to go a different direction and spice up their cards. One person’s was actually a USB drive shaped like a business card (the USB connector flipped out from inside the card) and the other was transparent. But here’s one that will stand out even more than those, along with providing you with a bit of fun.

The card is a bit thicker than your average business card, and is wrapped with a pair of rubber bands. As you can see from the video, a piece pops up to hold 10 pennies, which can be fired up to 15 feet away. The best part is that there are instructions for crafting your own penny-shooting cards. I can guarantee that anyone who receives one of these will remember you.

[ Thingiverse ] VIA [ BoingBoing ]

3 thoughts on “Make Your Own Penny Shooter Business Cards”

  1. That really is an interesting idea. People really do go out of their way to get noticed, don’t they? It’s nice to see how creative people are. Thinking outside the box can become very hard for us during times of focus.

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