Make Your Own Flash Drive

mediaGear SD/MMC Flash Card AdapterBy Andrew Liszewski

USB flash drives get cheaper and cheaper every day, but I still hesitate to buy one when I have a mountain of unused SD cards on my desk. So instead whenever I need a bit of portable storage I’ll usually just drag my SD reader along with my flash cards.

The mediaGear Flash Card Adapter allows you to build your own USB flash drive using your spare SD or MMC cards. (It supports cards up to 1Gb in size.) Just stick the memory card into the adapter and close the lid to lock it in place. As simple as that. Then just attach the drive to a USB port and it will function like any other flash drive would, complete with a blue LED to indicate power and file transfer.

The mediaGear SD/MMC Flash Card Adapter is also pretty cheap too at $14.99 available from ThinkGeek.

[mediaGear SD/MMC Flash Card Adapter] VIA [Coolest Gadgets]

8 thoughts on “Make Your Own Flash Drive”

  1. That’s exactly what I’ve wanted for a long while. The 1GB limitation is a bumber though, as I currently use a 2GB SD card and 4GB ones are out soon (or maybe even already?)

  2. I make use of a Lexar JumpDrive Trio, which has all the benefits of the above, and additionally accepts MMC and Memory Sticks. Its only downfall is that it is a bit on the chubby side, and often requires the use of the extension cable (included) in order to plug in to crowded USB ports. Not sure of media size limitations on the thing

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