Make Your Back Seat Experience Better With This Laptop Tray


By Luke Anderson

I’m a pretty tall person,which has its upsides and downsides. For instance, I don’t need any help getting things off of a high shelf. This also means that people will bug me to get their crap down from high places. When it comes to riding in a car, most of the time the shorter people are kind enough to sit in the back, knowing that I’d have no legroom back there. On the flip side, when I do get stuck in the back seat, it really sucks. Well if you’re the type that gets stuck in the back often, here’s something that might make your trip a little more bearable.

This Portable Car Seat Laptop Tray reminds me a lot of the tray on a child’s highchair. Heck, it even has someplace to set your drink. But the main purpose is to give you someplace nice to set your laptop, portable DVD player, or anything else. It mounts to the back of the seat in front of you, or if you’re extremely daring, the steering wheel. Seriously? A tray that can be mounted to your steering wheel. No, I see nothing bad about that. Nothing at all. Well wherever you’re wanting to mount it, it can be done relatively cheaply, as one of these will only set you back around $14.

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