Make Use Of Your microSD Card With A Tiny USB Adapter

microSD Adapter

By Luke Anderson

Many newer phones take advantage of the small size and large capacity of microSD and microSDHC cards. Since they are so cheap, you don’t generally use up all of the storage space with your cool ringtones and random pictures from your camera phone. If you’d like to take advantage of all of the extra space on your card, you might consider one of these tiny USB keys.

The keys are about as small as they can possibly be. They weigh only 0.82 grams and measure 28x15x2.5mm. Personally, I have a 2GB card that I got on sale, and I barely use a quarter of the space. I’d love to be able to plug it into one of these whenever I needed to copy over a few files. There’s no word on pricing or availability, but I wouldn’t imagine that these would cost more than a few dollars.

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  1. i just opened my microSD card and it came wit a marcoSD card adapter for my comp. i plugged the micro intothe adapter and put it in my comp. but nothing comes up. how do i put music on my microSD through my comp. please help! thanks

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