Make Skype Calls From Your Mobile, Or Any Phone, With VoSKY’s Call Center

By David Ponce

It’s pretty clear that to have the ability to use Skype to make calls from your cellphone would rock beyond words. A little while back, for a couple of minutes, it looked like this Netgear phone was it, but that was a false alarm: it only worked in hotspots. But now, a company called VoSKY seems to have created the Magical Golden Bridge, in the shape of the Call Center, a product that allows you to use Skype from any phone (pay phone, home phone, cell phone) to call anyone in the world for a fraction of the regular cost.

The way it works is very simple. The Call Center unit acts as an interface between the phone of your choice, and your Skype connected computer. First, plug one end of the unit to your landline and the other to your computer (which should be running Skype already). Then, when you’re out and want to call Grandma, simply call the line to which the unit is connected (that would be your home phone number, dodo). Like an answering machine, the Call Center will pick your call up and prompt you for your PIN number. Then simply dial the number you wish to call, and the device takes care of the rest.

There is a little caveat, in that you’re going to have to disable your current voice messaging service. But fear not, the Call Center will act as one as well. It comes bundled with software that will record voice messages directly to your computer, though that means your PC (yeah, no Mac) has to always stay on.

It’s sheer brilliance. If you don’t mind the little extra step of calling home first (and why should you if you get to call for cheap?), then this $70 device finally gives you the ability to unleash Skype’s full potential.

[VoSKY’s Call Center] VIA [The Gadget Blog]

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