Make A Mixa – Cassette Shaped USB Drive

Make a Mixa (Images courtesy Magnetic North Interactive Ltd.)
By Andrew Liszewski

Given my earlier post I guess I should declare this ‘retro audio cassette day‘ here on OhGizmo! And in keeping with that theme here’s a new way to enjoy audio cassettes, without having to deal with their craptastic sound quality.

The MIXA is basically a 1GB flash drive that’s been integrated into an audio cassette shell. The real appeal though comes with the MIXA website which allows you to interactively design a custom label for the tape. You can choose from a collection of pre-existing designs, which still offer a bit of customization, or upload your own images and graphics. Once the design is completed and the finished USB cassette arrives you can then load it up with your own ‘mix tape’ of MP3s.

The MIXA costs about $40 but includes worldwide shipping as well as a unique sleeve (also designed by you), a set of MIXA stickers and a USB extension cable.

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6 thoughts on “Make A Mixa – Cassette Shaped USB Drive”

  1. So, is this just a large, unwieldy housing for a thumb drive, or can you actually plug it into a cassette player and listen to the contents? The latter would be really useful.

    Alas, the web site doesn’t say.

  2. i believe i am going to try to to mod my own cassette tape with a USB drive… i don’t need any fancy label for it. and YOS…. who plays tapes anymore?

  3. Agreed, YOS.
    In addition, I was hoping for at least 4 gigs of storage considering the size of a cassette tape. I mean, if we’re going retro and keeping size in mind, how about a PEZ dispenser. I’m already eye-balling the Lego version…

  4. Stephanie:

    I certainly don’t, but have a stereo system and a couple of boom boxes that have a tape deck, but no convenient input jacks. They’re not all THAT old.

  5. Does the USB connector fold away somehow? If not, this thing isn’t going to fit on my shelf with my other tapes, and it’s only a matter of time before it gets broken.
    Decent enough fun idea (kind of), but badly executed methinks (and oh so very expensive for what it is!)

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