Make A Hot Meal Right In Your Car

Make A Hot Meal Right In Your Car

Sandwich maker

By Luke Anderson

I do my fair share of traveling, which means lots of time in my car. If I’m driving across several states, I’ll pack some food to supplement my stops in order to cut down on my expenses. I usually go the route of lunch meat and pretzels, as it’s cheap and I can live off that stuff forever. I’ve honestly never considered actually preparing a hot sandwich while driving. If I were so inclined I could now do so, thanks to the Road Pro 12 Volt Sandwich Maker.

The Sandwich Maker reminds me of a small Gorge Foreman Grill (only without the promises of a healthy less-fattening meal) which simply hooks into the cigarette lighter of your car. I suppose it would be kind of nice to pull over and make something warm, rather than cold lunch meat. The price is right on this one, at $19.50 you can’t go wrong.

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