Magnifi Case Lets You Use Your iPhone With Almost Any Optical Instrument

By David Ponce

We’re not going to launch into a sales pitch about the iPhone’s camera. It’s nice, ok, but whatever. It’s nice enough to carry around in your pocket and happens to have a smartphone attached to it. So it stands to reason that you’re going to start looking for ways to use it in more situations than it was originally intended for. The Magnifi case lets you position your phone right over the eyepiece of almost any optical instrument, and lock it in place for easy photographing/recording. It has a detachable eyepiece adapter that locks onto the rest of the case through a “bayonet mount”, meaning a twist-to-lock mechanism that not only secures it in place, but makes it simple to upgrade later to different types of adapters should you need to. It’s not a full case in the sense that you won’t be toting your phone around in it; it’s more of a slide-in affair, with a safety latch to prevent the iPhone from sliding out.

Magnifi was designed to work with eyepieces that are 1in – 1.5in in diameter (25mm – 38mm). If your eyepiece has large eye seals, they must be removable. In order to align you phone’s camera with the eyepiece, Magnifi must be able to slide down over the eyepiece at least 1in (25mm) without obstruction.

Currently a fully funded project on Kickstarter, Magnifi is $60 with an eventual retail price of $80.

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