Magnetic Mount iPhone Lenses

iPhone Magnetic Wide Angle Lens (Image courtesy USBfever)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s no secret that the iPhone’s built-in digital camera isn’t its strongest selling point. And while using some sort of lens attachment might make it a bit more useful, they usually require an extra housing for mounting the lens, which adds bulk to the phone. But USBfever is now selling a trio of add-on lenses for the iPhone (or any compact camera-equipped device like the DSi) that attach with a simple magnetic ring. Of course you have to be willing to attach the magnetic mounting ring to your iPhone with the included self-adhesive ring, but when you’re not using the lenses it means your phone is as sleek as the day you took it out of the box.

The magnetic mount lens kits are available from USBfever for just $16.99, and come with either a wide-angle lens, a 2X telephoto lens or a fish-eye lens which are all made from actual glass and aluminum.

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