Magnetic Accelerator Kit

Magnetic Accelerator Kit (Images courtesy ThinkGeek)
By Andrew Liszewski

To anyone who thinks a toy that teaches science can’t be fun, behold the Magnetic Accelerator Kit! It’s easy to put together (no glue required) and once it’s assembled you simply roll one of the metal balls into one end of the accelerator, and another ball will come shooting out the other end at high speed. The basic principles are similar to what is being planned for future weapons and even space travel, so you can pretend you’re ordering one for your kid’s science fair project, when in reality you’ll be launching metal balls across your desk all day at work.

ThinkGeek’s got it for $29.99, and I’ve included their brief video of the accelerator in action after the jump. And if anyone feels like building one of these, but 10 times the size, we’d definitely be interested in seeing your own videos.

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