MagicJack To Be The New Skype?


By David Ponce

Well, hell, maybe not; once you’ve got Skype’s momentum, it’s hard to come into the scene and kick some ass. Still, MagicJack is a promising new VoIP service that rests its strategy on a USB dongle with a regular, analog phone jack on one end, and… well, a USB connector on the other. It’s supposed to be simple: plug the dongle in the computer and your regular phone in the jack. Wait 60 seconds (or minutes in a spyware infested PC) for the software to auto-install, and you’re ready to make phone calls with your house phone. If it works properly, it’s something we can see the elderly and the otherwise PC-challenged crowd getting into.

Pricing is rumored to be between $29 and $39, which includes the dongle and one year subscription to the service, with the plan costing $19 a year afterwards. This would give you unlimited calling in Canada and the US, though extra charges apply for other destinations.

Of course, $30 doesn’t beat free any day of the year, and with the immense installed base Skype already has, it’s going to be tough “killing” it. But we sure do wish them the best of luck.

Official launch is set for April ’07.

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  1. I have my cell phone, and have no need whatsoever for additional phone service, but the one thing I might consider something like this for would be the possibility of using it with one of my antique phones.

    I have an old art deco AE monophone sitting on my desk because I love it as an object, but it’s gone unused for years–How funky it would be to be able to hook it up to my laptop, dial a number, and make a call via VoIP or Skype.

  2. I have a Magic Jack and all I can say is everything positive that has been written about it is true. I’ve encountered nothing bad. To the person who thought that it should go on a router, etc. didn’t think it all the way through. I have Vonage and expect to keep it; it is an excellent service and at $25 a month it is a bargain. BUT the Magic Jack, by fitting into a USB port can go ANYWHERE. Need to make a long distance call at your friend’s home? Plug your Magic Jack into their USB and away you go.

    Although it can use a regular phone, I prefer to use it with an optional headset as I make 25 to 40 calls a day, prospecting small businesses. I use a Verizon air card which allows me to plug my Magic Jack into my own USB and make calls while waiting for my appointment to show up. My productivity has shot up like you can’t believe, all thanks to a device that’s the size of two fingers.

  3. I got the Magic Jack and I love it! I was on the road. My cell phone battery died so I went to Panera Bread and powered up my Laptop and plugged in the old Magic Jack. As soon as I plugged my phone into the Magic Jack, I was making important calls. My trimline home phone plugged into the Magic Jack even rang in Panera Bread. Customers were all wondering how my phone rang hooked up to my laptop. I told its the Magic Jack. I could have sold 10 of them on the spot! I would love to sell Ads on the softphone software. I could sell a ton of them!!! Its what I do best!

  4. i Receive the magic jack this morning . so easy to install it take me like 1 min and 3 mins to set up the account , The call in # work right away . Love it sound clear and no delay . Highly Rate . The best 40$ that i spent in this year.
    Dont listen to some bullshit skype user .
    A+ product.

  5. I have 2 MJ I bought in December 07, one works fine to a limited area and one MJ you can call and someone would answer but they can’t hear you. I haven’t been satisfied with this gadget since I bought it. I had some help from the tech sevice but not 100% helpful. One tech told me that its’ my carrier that is not updated, and told me to contact my carrier to resolve the other end. I don’t understand this issue. I’m on the internet, there should be no carrier to contact, because if the system work, I should be able to use my MJ any where with internet connection. Please, help me with this issue.

  6. You need to go to menu on the softkey pad of MJ and try to click the volume?headset control, then click the choose your device option which will be telephone, if it doesn’t work then you need to go to the fix page of the MJ, it will tell you to click FIX and if that doesn’t work it will tell you to click here if that doesn’t work, it should tell you to wait and you are being upgraded, then it should tell you to unplug the MJ wait 15 secs and then plug back in, and it will work. I had the same problem, email me if you need some help.

  7. Initially I was a SunRocket dedicated customer. When they closed down I was lost and searched out a new VOIP service. I now have Packet8 not totally satisfied for many reasons.

    I ordered the MJ and in two days it arrived and am so glad I did. I have several business locations and am hoping I will be able to port my numbers over to MJ. They do not have that capabilty yet. I was so tired of paying the monthly bills with the local telephone companies.

    All I can say is great job MJ…

  8. I just got my MJ and was up and running in just a few minutes. I got my new number and already recieving calls. I am closing my Vonage acct as of this month. An recomending this to all my friends and family. If your pc is off it won’t ring so I will use the free forwarding service and send to my cell at night. This product is great.

  9. I cannot receive an incoming call. If you dial the number from another phone it rings five times then switch to someone’s voice mail. Only MagicJack Engineer can get through, once he hangs up the problem returns.

  10. Sure, go to MJ’s webpage look around, read a bit and you will find the help you need…just slow down a little so you don’t overlook something.

    Maybe you already have problem solved…

  11. Had mine a week first 2 days great after that problems a started no incoming calls went to no calls at all and tech supoop sucks..but they did try really hard to please me after 3 days on the chat it’s started working fine again so far…all i can say is i hope it works this time because for money you really wish it would

  12. Bought this so I could make calls to China. Also would like to cancel my $30/month cable company house phone, which I only have so I don’t have to use my cell minutes for hour-long conference calls for work.

    Took longer to set up than I expected. Had trouble getting ActiveX to install. Finally got keypad screen to show up and tried a call — but the audio was cutting in and out so bad we couldn’t communicate. First link to Tech Support wouldn’t work. Found an earlier email and that link worked. Tech guy worked with me for maybe half an hour trying different things. Finally made some changes to Registry, and bingo! Everything’s working like a charm.

    Did a second test call to China and am amazed at how clear it was — and how cheap it is! 2 cents a minute to call my co-workers in Shanghai! I love this thing! Gonna get a second MJ for them, so the calls will be free!

  13. hey, i have a couple questions…it has free logn distance in the us and canada…so if you get a magic jack adn give it to someone in china, how does that make it free? are all MJ to MJ calls free no matter where in the world they are? another question…it says taht you get a phone number based on where you live but they only have a select amount of numbers that you can get right now…i realize that i can get outgoing calls for free, but what about the people that want to call me? Do people that call me get charged long distance? If my phone # is from a location 50 miles away, and my neighbor calls me, do they get charged long distance cause the number is based far away? also, since the magic jack is portable, if i live in nc, and then move to ohio, who gets charged to call me lnog distance then? i realize its still free for my outgoing calls, but what about my incoming calls? another thing…it has free caller id, …if your computer is turned off, and then you turn it back on, will MJ show you what calls were missed while the comp was turned off? i realize this is a lot of questions, but i remain unclear on this stuff and would like to know, thanks

  14. Could someone tell me how to get my incoming calls to work right when i get one the person can hear me clear as a bell but i get poop all outgoing calls are great only hang up is sometimes i have to dial their area code and we have the same one

  15. I have had my MagicJack since yesterday afternoon (4-4-08). It is the best thing since sliced bread! It was the easiest thing to install and within 5 minutes I was making phone calls. The live help is the best and they walked me through setting up my voice mail (which was the only thing I had slight problems with) The clarity of the calls is outstanding. We don’t have local area code for my area (which is remote area in Kentucky) but since we have caller ID and also a box that pops up on your desktop when you get calls if someone local calls me, I tell them to let it ring a couple of times and when thier number and name pops up on the caller ID I just call them right back. I will NEVER again pay the high price for long distance or phone service. I researched this MagicJack for over a month before I decided to purchase, and I got it within 2 days of doing so. If you read all of the FAQ’s you will find out anything and everything you need to know about it. I recommend it to anyone that has to make any kind of long distance calls regularly, and even just for the local calls it is worth not paying a monthly bill. My total price was right under $50 and that included shipping and handling and a $2.95 priority shipping fee that enabled me to get my MagicJack within 2 days. I want to thank the inventor of this gadget…has to be a genius. Anyone that would like to ask me any additional questions about this is welcome to email me at kutedymples at If I can answer any questions you may have I will surely try. Like I said…I highly recommend this to anyone that wants a phone and has high speed internet. I have DSL and it works perfectly, my internet speed is not affected at all even when making or recieving a phone call.
    Happy and completely satisfied customer!
    Susan LaLonde

  16. i think it is a waste and is junk. for one they did not tell you that you have to leave your computer on at all times in order for you to have a phone. i have skype and the computer does not have to be on. another thing is you can not call a number to talk to an actual person about this product or help on phone, you have to do it through their online tech help. another thing i bough 2 of them one with a year service and one with 5 year service. well i got the first one tried it and it really sucks and so does their support. i got it working but my phone would not ring when call came in just a box pops up telling you of a call and i do not have the do not disturb checked! i could hear it ring in my stereo headphones but not through the phone. they had me try several things now i do not even get a ringing sound in my headphones anymore. then they had me take out of one port and plug into another. did nothing. then they had me update it made it worse as now my computer sees it plugged in as a usb storage device and the panel shows up. next the had me plug into a powered usb hub and nothing still same. this went on for two days. i originally called as to why the phone would not ring and with their help i could hear them they could not hear me… then next time i heard them they could not hear me. the last thing they told me to try stopped it all from working. they even had me try 4 different phones i had 2 with cords and 2 cordless with no difference! today i been with tech people they had me do it all over again and i told them it all was done yesterday but they said to so i did and same results!!!!!!! i even tried it in 2 other computers with same results!!!!! i told them since it see the device as a usb storage device only and no pabel is popping up that the device must be defective! but they would not listen to that! they just keep telling me to do the same things over and over. can’t they get it through their heads that it was already done over and over and still does not work? they will not accept the fact that this device may bew defective and offer to replace it. i paid about 65 dollars for the first one with a year service and so far it is junk and lousy support. i have not even got my 2nd one yet and i paid almost 110 dollars for it and 5 years service. i am going to tell them i want to return this one and when my secondone comes tell them i want to return it as well. i will stick with vonage it works much better and new is not always better. they need to fix it so it with plug into cable modem so you can have phone even if computer is off. the advertisements don’t even tell you that your computer has to be on all the time to have a phone they don’t even tell you when you call to order it. i still can’t get it to work as stated and been talking with tech for 2 days now online which sucks and by the way i got dumped several times by different techs when they could not answer a question or ran out of things to try it said lost tech contact will be connected with another tech shortly then i would have to explain all over again!!!!!!!!!! and they would have me do the same thing!!!!!!!! i want a phone number i can call that i can speak to a human and not a recording!!! better yet the number to the guy who is selling this junk to tell him what is the problem. anyone got a number to call that does not put you to an automated order line. send to [email protected]

  17. Hello all

    I have been using magicjack for a few weeks already, here are my thoughs,

    magicjack works fines if you have a fast internet connection, those 3 package deal from your IPS for 100.00 will give your magicjack usb decide a hard time when it comes to audio quality and calls connection . .

    installing magicjack on a sp1 vista machine will not work, you need to have a vista version without any SP, once you install magicjack, then you could upgrade to vista s1.

    If you need futher hel or tip, feel free to visit my unofficial magicjack forum at

  18. I cannot even get ahold of their woderful customer service rep’s. to find out why I still have not received my MJ which I ordered over 2 weeks ago. However, I am sure I will be charged for it (since they have all my info.) in 30 days. Any suggestions anyone? All advice would be greatly appreciated! Thankyou, L

  19. MJ is the way to go . As long as you have a very good pc . I cancelled my LAN line and I do have a cell to back me up in case of emergency during possible down times . 7 months of use and very very satisfied . Cant beat $19.95 a Year

  20. Does anyone on forwarding feather, when the in-coming phone is forwarded to my cell, will the telephone number display on my cell phone?

    I know skype does not display forwarding number. I had Skype, I know.

    Anyone knows?

  21. I love my Magic Jack. I ordered it and received it approx. 4days afterwards. I have had no problems at all. I set my voicemail up easily. I receive calls, make outgoing calls with ease. Its great to have on trips. I bought a second one and sent to my college attending sister who was running up calling card bills. Now she can make unlimited calls whenever she wants and I wont get the bill. thank you magic jack!!!

  22. It seems that MJ doesn’t allow me to power down my computer(sleep or hibernate)while the MJ’s connected. Am I missing something? Will I be able to receive calls if powered down?

  23. Compared to the features and international calling rates that Skype has, Magicjack is too restrictive and costly for its limited capabilities. The only advantage that I can see is that you can use a traditional telephone to make your voip connection rather than purchasing a headset. Magicjack doesn’t publish it’s international rates and does not disclose all the restrictions on their service. Skype provides all this information upfront and has the best and cheapest voip service available with an established quality service with a proven track record. Skype has more servers and a higher network capacity which results in no dropped calls and high call quality. Don’t be surprised at the number of dropped calls and inability to make calls with Magicjack when they try to add users without increasing their call traffic capacity.

  24. Incoming calls don’t connect very well. I had 2 calls this morning, and out of 5 tries from 2 different people, only 1 connected. The others say all they hear is an audible “click”, then nothing. Bought mine from QVC. Going to send it back. Calling out is not a problem.
    It’s a great idea and concept, but the specs say it should work on my computer, but I’m beginning to believe that it might work fine on a computer that might be about 1 or 2 years old, maybe 3, but further back than that, probably not as well.
    Perhaps, as time goes on, they will improve this gadget, but for us, it just does not work the way it is supposed to with incoming calls. My computer is 5 years old, now, so I’m guessing it might not work the right way.
    I don’t know if the OS has anything to do with it either. But, it’s certainly not cracked up to what we were led to believe.

  25. I had this thing for 2 weeks now, it worked about 3 days, till we realized,that all incoming calls where actually long distance from the same area code, even from next door,it also uses your minutes on your cell ph. I got in touch with them you can only do it on a chat window, they assigned me 3 different numbers that did not work,and 2 that did not even have a existing prefix. AND NOW THEY TELL ME THAT I HAVE TO PAY FOR THESE NONEWORKING NUMBERS. $10.00 DOLLARS EACH.I will most certainly not pay for them.I still have no working phone now,But they tell me they will fix it i dont believe that,but i want to see.IF I HAD TO DO IT AGAIN, NO WAY WOULD I GET IT.

  26. there is no such thing, i have this service i wish i didn't, worked great for 3 days i disconectet my ph service that i have had for 18 years stupid me, then MJ started to be a nightmare.still is.

  27. You can use MagicJack, I have the services and so far so good. If you travel overseas you can still call anyone in USA if you have a broadband internet conection and your laptop or any other computer connected to internet. Once you plug in the magicJack it takes around 30 seconds to be ready to make your call.

  28. HAPPY MJ USER HERE – Bought 2 of them, plugged them in and we are ready to roll!

    I use them on our business laptops and got rid of our land lines. Now my staff has dedicated phonelines to their computers AND it works with Outlook.

    I also use MJ at home on my computer since I got rid of my land line years ago, and this way I don't burn up precious cell phone minutes during peak hours.

    Great sound, reliable. I even use it for faxing, although MJ doesn't “officially” support faxing.

    The only “glitch” is with Comcast Cable as their service “pulses” which causes my wireless router to quickly connect and reconnect. When that happens, sometimes I get a dropped call, but I can't blame MJ for the cable company's inferior service – LOL

  29. It sounds like you carry a trimline home phone with you where ever you go then, yes?
    What kind of sales do you do that you happened to have a regular phone with you?

  30. I cant say enough my son is in another country over seas it cost me 50 cents a minute just to talk to him my phone bill was hitting 250.00 a month ,I sent him a magic jack man it has been god sent he calls me free now and I call him free ,make sure you put in a USA address on it first best money can buy really.

  31. Customers of MAGICJACK,please include the kind of computer program you have like Vista/Mac and what high speed internet company is it that you use. I have noticed most people that have Windows XP on their computer- have the best results with MAGICJACK. I have a 1 year old HP computer and I have Vista,my internet company is COMCAST. I have had long periods of time where the MAGICJACK works just fine,but for the last month I have had a bad connection at certain times of the day,it sounds like the person on the other line is studdering and it is very fustrating but I am going to hang in there for only $20 dollars a month,I know it will only get better with time.

  32. MAGICJACK is good for a back-up phone,to save on your cell phone minutes or for calling someone far far away. The best thing about MAGICJACK in this tough economy is–ANYONE can afford to have this phone and for aot of people this IS the only phone that they have.

  33. I bought a MagicJack several months ago-it caused my computer to crash, cost my phone service and lost contact, refused to stay on the computer and took me a long time to get resolved. I finally received a grudging consent to send me a replacement at no cost if I returned the old jack. I got the email 11/10/08 that the replacement was being shipped, got a return lable for the old jack and an email stating I had two weeks to return the old jack before being charged. I noticed 39.95 has been taken from my account and when I tried to contact someone to help me with this, I was told I had better return the jack if I wanted my money back, there was no one to complain to and they could take whatever they wanted. This is not a company I will deal with again. Not only do they sell defective proucts, they go way out to be sure they don't lose any of the money they have gotten.

  34. 11-27-09 MJ offered a SPECIAL ” extend 5 years for $59.95 ” which my current expiration was May 2009. after entering the 5 year Code.. it only gave me 4 years…
    I talked with 2 techs who would only try to feed me different lines trying to convince me it was Cheap enough, or it states 5 years, but it only extends 4 years.. bla bla bla..
    — FRAUD…. I Love my MJ, but their Tech support are Dishonest…
    so I've emailed [email protected]; [email protected] who made MJ.. I hope he can fix it.. or is willing to fix it..

  35. I have had my mj for a couple of days now. It seems to work fine. I have had one drop call and one call that i could not hear. Redial # and had no problem. Hey its 20.00 dollars a year I drop my long distance and saved more than that. i will keep my local land line for a couple more months to make sure everything is okay. But in ant event will continue to use magicjack. For thoes of you who want live service to talk to do you think that a company who sells a product for 20.00 can pay someone 10.00 and hour to talk to you be real.

  36. My comment is about not been able to get any area code or phone numbers so that i can use my two magicjacks . I have given you two E:mail addresses and so far no response there for here are my two E:mails one is{[email protected] with password sparky005} and the other [[email protected] password gxar54gx hoping that i can get over trying to get into the system and enjoy my free calling . Thank you.

  37. MagicJack just block my account with out any reason and it is asking me to register. But when I typed in my email address and password it says “email address is not on file, password is invalid or magicjack serial number is not associated with login. How can I fix this? The site says 24 hour a day live chat but nobody is thereto chat.

  38. I found their online / phone Foreign/ india Tech support is just a scam to push EVERYONE off.. email BOTH [email protected] & [email protected] He created MJ and is making Millions.. his org addy was ” [email protected]” and it kept getting complaint emails so he made ” [email protected]” he refers both emails to his own Tech man or such.. but it's the ONLY way I got my 3 different issues solved within 1 or 2 days at the latest… Avoid the normal route.. email his people..

  39. I found their online / phone Foreign/ india Tech support is just a scam to push EVERYONE off.. email BOTH [email protected] & [email protected] He created MJ and is making Millions.. his org addy was ” [email protected]” and it kept getting complaint emails so he made ” [email protected]” he refers both emails to his own Tech man or such.. but it's the ONLY way I got my 3 different issues solved within 1 or 2 days at the latest… Avoid the normal route.. email his people..

  40. ok i have a fiance in thailand i want to be possible for her to call me and me call her for free using magic jack so let me see if i get this right i buy a mj and than send it to her is that right

  41. ok i have a fiance in thailand i want to be possible for her to call me and me call her for free using magic jack so let me see if i get this right i buy a mj and than send it to her is that right

  42. We've had our MJ for a year and it's been great. We'd probably experienced 2 or 3 dropped or interrupted calls the past year of using it on an almost daily basis. We bought int'l minutes to call my in-laws in Panama. But last October, I bought another MJ and gave it to my in-laws in Panama, so our calls are completely free. They call us almost every day and the quality has been very good and only experienced a couple of dropped calls during December. But for the price and savings we get who cares!! I just hit speed dial and we're back on!
    Our systems aren't new. I have a laptop with pentium III using XP pro-SP3, through our wireless router on cable modem, While my in-laws have a generic PC with XP pro SP3 on a wireless router using DSL.
    We use this as a back up for our cell phones. We normally leave the laptop on during the day and shut it off before going to sleep. For our family, it's work and saved us $$$. Thanks MJ!


  44. hi johnmsec, I want to know How in Panama they set -up the MJ , they use a US adress? please tellme …. I want to do the same, but for Chile,, gracias.

  45. Gonde,

    Yes. you have someone maybe a friend or family you can trust to buy and connect here in the U.S. FIRST. When they connect it here, It will ask what city/ state / zip code you are connecting from. Then it will give you option to pick which phone number to use. Then use it to test and make sure it saved on its memory. They gave it to you in Chile, and you connect it to a USB port on any PC with a USB port and internet connection ( you MUST have DSL or cable modem to work). Then connect a regular telephone to the MagicJack port. Now you should be able to call any US or Canada phone for free. My family still use it in Panama and works OK, very few times it may drop a call like a cell phone. But for $20 a year its worth it I think.



  46. I live in Honduras and I use Magic Jack, and it rocks, the best 40$ i spent in my life, has a clear voice and its really fast and easy to use, I'm sad cause

  47. I've had my MJ for over a year. In the beginning, I was ready to trash it! My computer is 5years old, but I never thought it was the computer's fault. My audio was terrible. I upgraded my ISP to “blazing fast,” and it didn't make one bit of difference. I bought a powered plug in USB hub, and everything got much better. Then, I started having problems with a beeping sound, like someone was pushing phone buttons. When my year was up….I went to Radio Shack and purchased a new MJ and one year of service. I decided I had saved enough money from my phone bill over the past year to get a new computer. I got an HP with 2 dual processors and 8 gigs of memory. I can't remember what my processing speed is, but I think that is where the problem is with most people. I have a laptop that is less than a year old, and hooking the MJ up to it did not help with my problems. Processing speed means everything!!! My new computer cost me $679.00. My phone is absolutely perfect now. No audio problems, no beeping, no dropped calls. I have a slight delay on my end which causes some “talk over” problems, but that mostly involves my friend that never shuts up long enough for me to get a word in edge wise. I love my MJ and I plan on keeping this service forever. I take mine back and forth from my home to my lake house. People need to realize the need to reset the MJ once a month. Unplug the modem and router (if used) for a few minutes, and MJ will serve you well. I'm 61 years old and my husband is 65. If we can figure this thing out, others should have no problems. If anyone figures out the fix for the delay, let me know. That is my only concern!

  48. You know when you have incomming calls and they come up onn your TV set and tell you whse calling? Can that still work with MJ I hope so cuz thats a plus id hate to not have. Tami


    Users of the magicJack can now enjoy the added benefits of Skype including video calling, conference calling and free Skype to Skype user calls worldwide.

    A new Skype dual mode calling software plugin “SkyjackPlugin” for magicJack users has been released. The plugin allows magicJack and Skype calls to be placed concurrently from the same regular or cordless phone.

    To place Skype calls just dial * before the number you want to call. Speed dial numbers are available for dialing other Skype users. Regular magicJack calls are placed as normal. For incoming calls, just answer the phone when it rings.

    “SkyjackPlugin” can be downloaded at

  50. I would not spend my money on something like this honestly. With 50 euros I talk one year on my phone in my country, for as long as I want. You might think I'm cheap but I'm not..I just learned how to save as much as possible by following an easy saver program a few months ago.

  51. Magic Jack will never replace skype or any other Linux Supported VOIP. One reason why, You Can't Develop Linux Based Support. Guess what magic jack we don't need you on Linux we have many VOIP solutions so guess what get to work or lose profit we aren't going to develop the software for you.

  52. I bought another mj when my year was up now i had to bye another pc mj wont work threw it i did everything check with norton still nothing …buti had alot of feedback threw it and a poping sound .still cant fix the mj so am i out of the mj or what i call walgreens they said they only give giftcard if i dont have the paper i bought it from . if i get another one it may do the same thing so its dam if u dont dam if u do situation here ..

  53. I magic jack is not working at all, login my account can see ” Extend Your License – Your license is scheduled for auto-renewal on FEBRUARY 12, 2012
    ” It means no problem on my license renewal.
    But it on working, no one you can contact.

  54. Not quite…….. Please do not believe that.  At least with skype I can call to the USA and can make phone call to where magicjack does not.  I do like magicjack but it has very limited access especially when I bought this to phone home and 1/2 of my numbers I can not dial or access because it will not go through

  55. the higherdept or concerned dept at magic jack should pulltheir devices out of their jackasses and deal w the real world i have got two but when under review from their mistakes on billing you are blacballed like underworld style!1 doDO NOT COUNT ON CONTINUOYS SERVICE !!!it IS UN FIXABLE WHEN MISTAKES OCCUR !!THEY WILL NOT DEAL W ANYONE IN FACE OF PROBLEMS !!6months under review i could build a submarine in less time,,,thank you!


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