Magic Wheel Looks Crazy, Isn’t Very Practical

By Luke Anderson

With the rising gas prices, it’s natural for people to look for alternative methods of transportation. This of course means that people are going to come up with some crazy contraptions. I can only guess that this is how the Magic Wheel was conceived.

Basically what this appears to be is a bike wheel attached to a rollerblade wheel with a couple of footrests. What you end up with something that is about as useful as a skateboard, without the ability to actually do cool tricks. If you’re looking for a different way to get around and don’t mind getting a lot of weird looks, then by all means drop $250 (plus $325 shipping from Singapore) on one. I’ll just stick to a bike.

VIA [ CrunchGear ]

9 thoughts on “Magic Wheel Looks Crazy, Isn’t Very Practical”

  1. I dunno, It might seem a little practical judging by its relatively small size. Its like a skateboard for people who cant skateboard.

    Now if theyd include a strap on one side so you can attach at least one foot to the thing, thatd be awesome for some potential tricks and broken limbs.

  2. There’s a huge amount of cut-aways in that little clip, as well as using poles and such for blocking. To my eye, that looks like it’s not terribly practical.

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