Magic Nopopo Batteries Recharge With Urine


By Luke Anderson

I’ve seen a lot of interesting ways to recharge batteries in the last few years. Most of them involve some form of solar, wind or some other alternative energy source. Never have I seen a battery that get a charge from me peeing on it. Okay, you don’t just pee on it, but it does recharge using urine.

The Nopopo batteries use a combination of magnesium and carbon that can be mixed with a variety of fluids (including urine) to produce a charge. These batteries only last around 500mAh, which is far less than your average alkaline AA battery, but at least you won’t have to kill the earth to recharge them.

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18 thoughts on “Magic Nopopo Batteries Recharge With Urine”

  1. I prefer killing the Earth with Duracell than actually using a battery that involved peepee recharge:)) I appreciate human creativity, but some things are just way too creative for me. I prefer the battery that can be recharged by wind power. You don'y have to pee in it, you just have to “blow” it:))

  2. this NoPoPo stuff is a scam , we tried the batteries and they have less then 100 mA capacity (versus 3000 mA for an alkaline) and they expand after using them for a few hours , destroying the product…
    Eco Friendly ? yeah right , it uses magnesium and steel casings that deplete the earth of resources and when you need 30 batteries versus 1 alkaline to achieve the same capacity (read duration of use) it shines a whole different light on these supposed “eco friendly” batteries.

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