Magic Mirror Home Security System Is A Bit Over The Top

M30P Magic Mirror (Images courtesy Themeaddicts Inc.)
By Andrew Liszewski

Have you been looking for the perfect way to combine your passion for Disney with your passion for overly elaborate home security setups? Well even if you’re not, it seems someone out there is, which is probably what led to the development of the M30P Magic Mirror system. At first glance it looks like a regular old mirror hanging on your wall, but the mirror finish actually hides a 30 inch LCD display that features a CGI character known as “Basil of the Mirror” who magically appears to alert you about any problems around your home. The Mirror does require you to have an already existing security setup, but a collection of over 100 different messages make it seem as if Basil is actually monitoring your surveillance cameras, motion detectors and other security sensors. Some of the more popular messages include:

• “Hmmm…most curious… it seems that we have a pedestrian approaching up our driveway”
• “For your information… a motor car has departed”
• “It appears that a pedestrian is exiting out of our driveway”
• “May I inform you that the motor car garage door has just been opened”
• “Pardon me, this is merely a reminder, but the motor car garage door is still not secure”
• “Will someone please greet our guests at the door!”
• “Ahh yes….. it seems the Jacuzzi is now at the selected temperature”
• “Pardon me, but isn’t it time to leave for practice”
• “Alarm! Alarm! The pool gate has been opened”

The Magic Mirror can also be used to monitor the video feeds from your surveillance cameras which will automatically be displayed whenever Basil is notifying you about one of them. And if for some reason you’re not a fan of Basil’s personality, the company (Themeaddicts Inc.) can even create a custom character for an additional fee.

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  1. Thats so gaudy…I NEED 2!! Instead of a stupid face I want the voice synthesizer lights from the inside of KITT and William Daniels doing the alerts!

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