Magic HotInazma Adapter Makes Your Car Run Better, Stronger, Faster

Sometimes I come a across a product that promises to do so much for you that it seems like an incredible device. Then upon reading up on it you find that there is nothing substantial to back up such claims. Take this awesome HotInazma Pocket, which promises to “improve fuel consumption, reduce emissions” and will even improve the air in your car by acting as a negative ion generator. Awesome.

So how does this magic device work? It simply stabilizes the electricity flowing through your car’s electric system via the cigarette lighter adapter. Uh huh, so this little thing is going to make my car run smoother for just $99.95. I think I’ll wait until we see some actual tests that aren’t conducted by the manufacturer before I get excited.

[ 5StarShine ] VIA [ RedFerret ]

7 thoughts on “Magic HotInazma Adapter Makes Your Car Run Better, Stronger, Faster”

  1. How is it every few years someone comes out with the same “ion magic” car gadget claiming that it will do everything short of making your car sprout wings. And people still buy these.

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