Magic Chair Folds Up In A Snap

By Chris Scott Barr

If you need someplace to sit, isn’t a chair usually your first choice? Of course, sometimes you can’t find a chair when you really need one. Perhaps you’re in an area where all of the seats have been taken, or maybe you just need a rest in an area with no seating at all. Then you have to scout around and try to find something that you can rest your bum on, which may not always be fruitful. So I say, why not carry a chair with you?

This video, while uploaded way back in 2007 has been brought to our attention. I have to say, as far as portable chairs go, this one looks like the most interesting. I can’t say that I’d necessarily trust it to hold much weight, judging by how little material is actually there. Not to mention, you should never trust anything presented by a magician. Unfortunately like most magicians, I don’t believe this man has revealed where the chair was purchased (or how it was constructed if it is a custom job).

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