MacTable Lowers Your iMac Screen For No Good Reason


By Chris Scott Barr

I’ll admit to being a Mac user, but I’m an equal-opportunity geek, so I have several Windows machines as well. Mac users tend to get a reputation for needing things that are trendy and fashionable to go with their computers. That’s not the case with any of the people I know, but companies like SmartDesks aren’t helping matters by releasing products like the MacTable.

Here is a table specially designed for iMacs (though thankfully the table is compatible with Windows PCs), which basically means there’s a hole in it. The hole is the perfect size to hold an iMac, so that the bottom of the screen is flush with the table. Brilliant, now you’ve taken something that’s perfectly eye-level and dropped it by around 6 inches or so. I’ve used stations where you had to stare down at the computer the entire time, and they are not comfortable at all. I’m sure that some hip school will buy these and all of their kids will complain of neck pains. Awesome.

[ SmartDesks ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]