Maarten Baas’ Real Time Analog/Digital Clock Installation Is Coming To Blu-ray

By Andrew Liszewski

If you’re a fan of unusual clocks and leaving your hi-def TV running for hours on end, you might want to look into the Blu-ray version of Maarten Baas’ Real Time exhibition which was shown in Milan earlier this year. According to BLTD, the Blu-ray disc will include 12 hours of what appears to be your standard red segmented LCD display, but turns out to be a cleverly backlit artpiece with someone in the background physically painting and erasing the segments to change the time. As clocks go it looks like it’s horribly inaccurate, but as an art piece I find it oddly fascinating to watch… Will you look at the time!

[ Maarten Baas ] VIA [ Better Living Through Design ]

1 thought on “Maarten Baas’ Real Time Analog/Digital Clock Installation Is Coming To Blu-ray”

  1. interesting concept… BUT, I wonder how much less life my tube will get (they are still not cheap) and how much my electricity will go up. While I have a newer Samsung LED HDTV that is more energy efficient than some, it doesn't mean it won't wear out an outlet and die itself at some point. While I would LOVE to leave it on for art and other things, I just can't seem to justify it yet. Build me a nice set that lasts forever. 😉 Or at LEAST 30 years powered on 24/7 at full beauty without burn-in.

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