M-Cody MX-300 and MX-400

So digital music players are often pretty. There’s a million and a half of them out there, and it’s no big deal, right? But still, this is a gadget’s site, and we’ll put some gadgets on, for good measure. These two players fit the bill.

The MX-300

has a 65k color screen for showing pictures, voice/FM/line-in recording, 30 hour battery life and a built-in speaker. Also supports Ogg Vorbis.

The MX-400 kicks it up a notch, and

offers MPEG-4 playback through its 262k color screen. Instead of a built-in speaker, you’ll find a SD-slot for memory expansion. Both players come in 256/512MB and 1GB editions.

They both have their very own product pages here and here.

Story VIA DAPreview.

Sorry Austin.

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