Lustre – Fake Chandelier Silhouette

Lustre (Image courtesy Ugly home)By Andrew Liszewski

Lustre is aimed directly at the market of people pretending to be something they’re not and provides a unique way to class up any room. It’s basically a decal you apply to the ceiling that gives the effect of a shadow cast from an elaborate hanging chandelier. As with any product like this you’re probably not going to fool anyone but you’ll at least gain points for creativity.

But don’t look at the Lustre as a cheap way to enjoy high-society living because it will actually set you back about $134. At that price you can probably replace the dangling light bulb in your dining room with an actual chandelier. (Please note I have no idea how much a chandelier actually costs.)

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4 thoughts on “Lustre – Fake Chandelier Silhouette”

  1. What light source is supposed to be casting that shadow though? Surely the chandelier wouldn’t cast itself a unidirectional, non-volumetric shadow, but would instead provide a diffuse illumination and that dimly lit aristocratic ambiance. Maybe I’m just being nitpicky though.

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