L’Uritonnoir is an Outdoor Urinal That Uses Pee to Turn Straw Into Compost

Urine Disposal Fertilizer

Today I learned one use for human pee and debunked a myth about it while I did my research. Respectively, they are as follows:

  • Human pee can be used to help transform a bale of straw into compost that can be used as fertilizer.
  • Human pee doesn’t really alleviate jellyfish stings and in some cases, might even make the sting even worse.

I don’t think I need to cover the second point, since it’s pretty straightforward. The first point, on the other hand, is a different story.

Before we get to that, let’s talk about the L’Uritonnoir. It’s basically an outdoor urinal of sorts that was created by French design studio Faltazi. The L’Uritonnoir has a number of urinals attached all around its body of straw, where men are supposed to pee in. The urine is collected and amassed in the straw, where the nitrogen from the former reacts with the carbon in the latter. As a result, the entire thing turns into compost in a few months or so, which you can then use as fertilizer for your garden.

Pretty neat, huh?

VIA [ Dvice ]

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