LunaBlocks Kidify Your Furniture


By Evan Ackerman

It totally sucks that all the stuff you really, really want as a kid is generally unaffordable until you reach adulthood, by which time you can’t rationalize it. Fight back, I say, and buy yourself some LunaBlocks, which are giant Legos Lego bricks that you can stick together in creative ways to make furniture. I know, furniture made out of Legos Lego bricks doesn’t sound comfortable, but LunaBlocks come in a bunch of different types, including soft and squishy for making couches and chairs. They’re also available in transparent or opaque glass, standard plastic, steel, and special cushiony ones for kids to hit each other with, all in a variety of colors.


You won’t have an especially easy time rationalizing spending money on LunaBlocks, since they range from $20 to $55 per brick. But they’re still way up there on the cool to price ratio, and if your kid self caught your adult self waffling over whether or not to buy Lego furniture just because it’s expensive, your kid self would probably give you a solid kick in the shin. They’re available at Homology.

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