Lumencraft GatLight V3 Titanium & Carbon Fiber Flashlight

Lumencraft GatLight V3 Titanium (Image courtesy Lumencraft)
By Andrew Liszewski

While the MagLite will probably remain my flashlight of choice, it doesn’t stop me from drooling over the endless supply of ‘designer’ flashlights that seem to be quite popular as of late. Take for example the GatLight V3 from Lumencraft. Besides looking like something that fell out of an astronaut’s toolbox, the V3 is actually made from aerospace-grade titanium as well as carbon fiber making it both extremely durable, and extremely light.

The high-efficiency white LED is rated at 240 lumens of maximum output and has a life expectancy of about 100,000 hours, or about 11 years of being continuously on. It also uses a rechargeable 3 volt lithium battery and while it won’t last quite as long as the bulb on a single charge, it does include proprietary regulation circuitry that maintains a constant light level as the battery starts to run out.

Not surprisingly the GatLight V3 Titanium comes with a price tag of $395, but your wife will totally understand once she sees that it comes with a wooden display box.

[ Lumencraft GatLight V3 ] VIA [ Uncrate ]