Lumalive LED Textile To Herald New Era Of Advertorial Annoyance

lumaliveBy David Ponce

It’s sad to think that what could be a promising new technology is shaping up to be yet another way to spam us some more. Philips’ Research Lumalive technology is a new type of textile that incorporates

flexible arrays of colored light-emitting diodes (LEDs) fully integrated into the fabric – without compromising the softness or flexibility of the cloth. These light emitting textiles make it possible to create materials that can carry dynamic messages, graphics or multicolored surfaces.

Unfortunately, the people seemingly most interested in making use of this new technology are advertising companies looking for new, “high-impact” media.

And it seems we’ll soon find out if Philips’ Research’s Lumalive will be ushering a new wave of tacky, wearable eyesores, as the fabric is now ready for production and the company is looking for production partners.

[Lumalive] VIA [FreshTechnology]

2 thoughts on “Lumalive LED Textile To Herald New Era Of Advertorial Annoyance”

  1. I think sports fans will find this useful if they can cheer their team on by displaying team specific text or images.

    This seems to be the first step towards a chameleon jacket that helps you blend into the background, say a wall or lawn.

  2. Re: Chameleon ? No way, LEDs are not the way, you?d need OLEDs or something like it imbedded in the fabric to synthesize the right colors and lighting.

    I could see a great many abuses of such tech. While I love the idea I also find the idea of advertising in such a way disturbing. Advertising is becalming much too intrusive and this could add even more. Add sound and you have a walking billboard. Eww.

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