Luma Loop Changes The Way You Carry Your DSLR

By Chris Scott Barr

DSLRs are vastly superior to their point-and-shoot brethren when it comes to the quality of the picture taken. Unfortunately there is one area where the DSLR will always fall short in comparison, and that’s portability. The nature of these cameras means that they are always going to be bulky. That’s okay, because we’re willing to sacrifice portability to get that perfect shot. Of course that doesn’t mean we can’t find easier ways to carry them around.

This Loop from Luma is an interesting take on the camera strap. It’s designed as more of a sling, which is worn across the chest, allowing your camera to rest conveniently at your hip. What’s more, is that there are a variety of ways that you can attach it to your camera. Sure, you can use the existing strap loops, but if those don’t suit your needs, you have other options. One attachment allows you to mount the strap using your tripod mount (while not blocking access to your mounting screw). Another puts the point of contact on the lens (if you’re using a large telephoto lens). Comfort and convenience in the form of this strap will run you around $70.

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