Lullabub Crib Rocker

Lullabub Cot Rocker (Image courtesy Babyhugs Pty)
By Andrew Liszewski

From what I’ve heard babies can be a bit of a handful but so far I have no first-hand knowledge of this and I plan to keep it that way for as long as possible. Even something that should come as naturally as the child falling asleep can be an uphill battle I’m told. We’ve all heard about the technique of taking the little one out for a late-night drive to help them finally doze off but that approach just can’t be a convenient solution.

Lullabub is an automatic rocking system comprised of four modules that are placed under each leg of a crib. Each module is capable of gently raising and lowering the crib and the four of them combined can be used to recreate the rocking motions of a mother’s womb, a mother’s heartbeat, a drive in the car or a boat on the water. The crib can even be rocked manually while sitting on the modules with just one finger if the preset patterns aren’t working.

The Lullabub is system is available on their website for $229.

[Lullabub Cot Rocker] VIA [Electro^plankton]

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